RiotPWR™ ESL Gaming Controller for iOS

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Play mobile games on an Apple device effectively with this RiotPWR™ ESL iOS controller. The shapely design provides a solid comfortable grip, while the two joysticks, a D-pad and a host of buttons provide enhanced control. This plug-and-play RiotPWR™ ESL iOS controller uses a wired Lightning connection for no lag and excellent responsiveness, while pass-through charging keeps the device powered up. Additional buttons are now included so your mobile gaming experience is now as close to console gaming on the go as can be, alongside the new share button allowing you to stream and capture gameplay with upload functions via Ludu Mapp. Our affiliate app, Ludu Mapp, features over 1000+ controller compatible iOS games & apps! Finally, there is a headphone socket so you can plug in your gaming headset for the ultimate gaming experience.